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Senior Capstone Project: Phoenix Suns

Since I have a minor in Advertising with my Bachelor's degree. My senior capstone project we had the opportunity to work with the Phoenix Suns. The overall capstone project was how can draw in more college students from the different Arizona Universities to come watch the basketball games. During this project we had to create three ideas that we evetually tested in a controlled focus group. Which lead to my group's main idea was to promote the Phoenix Suns Club Orange. Club Orange was their rewards program they had to get that sweet swag and great team benefits. So my group created #ClubOrange I created the graphic design work of how a post would look on Instagram to what a radio ad would sound like for Club Orange. On this page you will see the work that I created for this project. At the end of the capstone the teams had to pitch their ideas to the Phoenix Suns Marketing team and from there the team with the overall points wins. Let's just say we didn't win at all.