About me


“Improvise, Overcome, and Adapt.” — Coach Kooi

What you see is what your going to get! Awesome! I am the kind of girl who craves adventure, has an itch to always learn and a resilient personality that stands out from everyone else. Growing up in Arizona most of my life, I was immersed in the great outdoors at a young age which grew my passion for photography. I went to Northern Arizona University for a Bachelor's degree in photojournalism and advertising. After graduating, I moved to Boise, Idaho to start a new adventure in life. Now being here in the great Gem State for a few years now, I am pushing myself to be the best version of me through my creative work to whatever life challenges comes my way. I am here prove something and show people what I can bring to the table. Now you know a little about me, LET'S GET WORK!